Tripod Turnstiles Are Popular for a Variety of Uses

Tripod Turnstiles are popular for a variety of uses, including checking tickets and counting pedestrians entering and exiting a facility. They also eliminate the need for attendants to check tickets at entrances. Metro systems, for example, often choose tripod turnstiles equipped with card readers.

Fully Automatic Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod barrier turnstiles are an automatic way to control pedestrian traffic. They are designed to open and close automatically and have an automatic hydraulic shock absorber. The system is powered by the main shaft and features a rotating, locking release lever. Tripod barrier turnstiles can be installed with either one-way or two-way controls, and they can be operated with flexible access control personnel authority.

Modern Piece of Control Equipment

Tripod barrier turnstile gates have a modern piece of control equipment that provides an orderly passage and reduces or eliminates illegal entry. Whether you’re looking to protect the entrance of your canteen, meeting hall, gym, swimming pool, or subway, a tripod barrier turnstile gate can help you control your crowd and ensure everyone gets through. Tripod barrier turnstiles make it easier for your customers and staff to access your facility, and improve your community’s quality of life.

Automatic Tripod Turnstiles

Fully automatic tripod turnstiles have reliable, easy to use, and compatible with any validation system. They have also equipped with LED notification lights on both ends so that pedestrians can know whether they have a valid credential or not. In addition, a warning alarm will sound if an intrusion attempt is detected.

Intelligent Access Control Management System

Tripod barrier turnstiles have highly versatile and can paired with a smart card, bar code, or computer to form an intelligent access control management system. Its simple design makes it easy to install, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Moreover, it can integrated with any access control controller.


Full-height turnstiles offer a variety of features that make them perfect for ADA compliance. Hayward Turnstiles ADA-compliant full-height gates have ideal for businesses that provide accessible entrances for those with disabilities. These turnstiles allow for easy access for walkers and push carts, and many of them have compatible with tools and other items.

Secure Lobbies and Transitions

Full-height turnstiles have the perfect solution for secure lobbies and transitions between secure and public areas. They feature the latest optical detection technology, including multiple detection beams at three levels, ensuring the passage of only authorized users. Full-height turnstiles have available as single or tandem units. They have compatible with the electronic authorization solution of your choice.

Fast Turn MR100 Waist High Turnstile

The Fast Turn MR100 waist-high turnstile is a durable, full-height access control solution for high-profile installations. Whether you need a full-height turnstile for your entrance or a custom-built one for a transit system, the Fast turn MR100 is an excellent choice. This full-height turnstile is available with a panic bar, a magnetic lock, or traditional door handles with a key.

Special Patented Technology

Full-height turnstiles have made with a special patented technology that minimizes jarring stops and extends the lifespan of the turnstile. They ship fully assembled in five pre-assembled parts. Waist high turnstiles, on the other hand, have made with a tripod barrier arm that is installed at waist height. They have made with durable materials and have capable of lasting for decades.

Semi-Automatic Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles have a relatively low-cost solution for access control. These devices have usually composed of 5 parts: the cabinet, three stainless steel sticks that rotate to allow a person to pass, and the sensing system. The benefits of these turnstiles include improved access control, reduced maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

Fully-Automatic or Semi-Automatic

Tripod barrier turnstiles can fully-automatic or semi-automatic. They have typically equipped with an access control system, such as a biometric sensor or a smart card. Some even integrate with attendance management or computer software to enable flexible access control functions. These turnstiles have a versatile solution for access control, consumption, and current restriction.

Easy To Maintain and Operate

Tripod turnstiles have easy to maintain and operate. The gate is typically connected to an alarm system, which alerts personnel to any issues. The gate’s LED indicator, a dot matrix display, can be customized to display a message about the pass holder. Some systems also come with an alarm system that warns of improper behavior, including climbing and trailing. These devices have able to respond quickly to any malfunction, which minimizes disruption of traffic.

Great Option for High-Traffic Areas

Semi-automatic tripod turnstiles have a great option for high-traffic areas. Their compact design makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. And, they use low-power mechanisms. They have also compatible with many access controller systems.

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