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Most 5 Donut shops are located in American countries  .If you are looking for a sweet treat in Brooklyn, you’ve come to the right place. Brooklyn Blackout donut shop is famous for its square donuts stuffed with jam and nutella, and it also offers vegan and gluten-free donuts. These donuts are made with a yeast dough, making them perfect for people who are concerned about their diets.

 Fan-Fan Donut Shops

It’s been three years since Fany Gerson opened his first doughnut shop, Fan-Fan Doughnuts in Bed-Stuy. Before that, Gerson was the co-founder and pastry chef of the wildly popular Dough. Then, in February, he announced his split with Dough’s owners, a move which changed his plans. Before this, he had planned to open a new Dough location in Clinton Hill. However, the spread of COVID threw a wrench in his plans. So, while Dough’s new space is a great thing, Fan-Fan Doughnuts opened in the same spot that Gerson’s old store was located.

 Fan-Fan Doughnuts Unique

While there are some doughnut shops that have mastered the art of doughnut making, Fan-Fan Doughnuts takes a more unique approach. They offer a variety of doughnuts in unusual flavors. For example, you can find a fan-fan doughnut that is a mashup of an eclair and a long john. Whether you’re looking for a fun and unique pastry, you’ll be satisfied with either flavor at this Bed-Stuy location.

Allie’s Donuts

Classic coffee & donuts are the staples of Allie’s Donuts. They also offer custom donut cakes. The unassuming local institution is located in the heart of the downtown business district. Its owners and employees are committed to ensuring the best possible customer experience.

Since 1986 Allie’s Donuts

The Donut Shop has been around since 1968. The business is very popular. There are usually four employees at the counter during busy times. The process is quick and efficient, making it one of the most popular places for donuts in town. Tuesday to Friday, but closed on Mondays. The shop is known for its enormous donut cakes.

Dun-Well Doughnuts

All-vegan doughnut lovers can delight in an array of 200 varieties of vegan-friendly doughnuts at this All-vegan donut shop. Along with donuts, this shop also serves ice cream and French-press coffee. To top it all off, they have a rotating list of vegan-friendly ice cream and drinks. Here, you can find the perfect snack for any occasion. Located in the heart of Chicago, this vegan-friendly bakery is a must-visit for any vegan or vegetarian.

Rainforest Alliance

While you are at Dun-Well Doughnuts, you can also order coffee and tea from their cafe. This cafe has the same vegan and animal-friendly philosophy as the doughnuts and coffee they offer. They use only organic ingredients and are Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified. Their coffee is also hand-roasted in Brooklyn.

Broad Street Donuts

If you love donuts, Broad Street Dough Company is the place to go. This daily donut shop on South Coast Highway 101 offers more than twenty different flavors. You can also opt for gluten free and vegan options. The company also offers daily specials. You can even create your own doughnut if you have a special request. The doughnuts at this spot are made with only the finest ingredients and are certified Kosher

 Ocean Township, NJ-Based

This Ocean Township, NJ-based doughnut shop has won national accolades for its homemade artisan doughnuts. Its new location will be 1,600 square feet, more than double its current space. The new location is expected to open sometime in mid-late summer. The company currently has 15 employees and a loyal customer base. They’ve also been featured in popular magazines and online sites such as Mashable, BuzzFeed, Glamor, and Cosmo.

MAD Donuts New York

MAD Donuts has opened its first storefront in Westchester, New York. The artisanal donut shop serves everything from plain glazed to boulder flavors. Some of its most popular donuts include the Bailey’s donut, which is topped with Bailey’s icing and filled with the liquor. The shop also partners with local businesses to offer donuts at pop-up events.

Twisted Branch in Valhalla

The owner is a self-taught baker who learned the art of baking from his mother. He enjoys the research that goes into creating his menus. Since opening his first shop in Westchester, Moore has expanded his business and started selling donuts at The Twisted Branch in Valhalla, where it sells out by noon.

Dough Doughnuts Shop

Dough Doughnuts started in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and quickly became New York City’s favorite doughnut. Its unique approach to doughnuts emphasizes flavor and freshness. The doughnuts are baked fresh and in small batches throughout the day. The result is a doughnut that’s always full of flavor.

Specification Donut Shop

The brioche-based at donut shop Dough are big and flaky, with just the right amount of chew. They’re available with various fillings and toppings, including chocolate-cacao nibs, dulce de leche, and passion fruit. The company’s doughnuts can be ordered online and delivered quickly.

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