How To Use Rumble Talk for a Virtual Event Chat

Rumble Talk has a variety of features for a virtual event chat, ranging from Group chat to Moderated Q&A. There are even Polls and customizability options to make your virtual event chat experience unique. There are several ways to embed the Rumble Talk chat on your website or beside your live event. It is also possible to integrate it with the REST API, but this requires the help of a developer. Your account plan will determine how many chat rooms you can have. If you need more space, you can upgrade.

Group Chat

If you’re running a virtual event, you’ll be glad to know that Rumble Talk supports group chat. This feature allows you to chat with a group of users without logging out of your account. Group chats can be private or open to the public. You can also set the number of messages a chatter can send in a specified amount of time.

Group Chat Feature

Rumble Talk’s group chat feature can make virtual events livelier by connecting attendees with exhibitors. Group chat is an excellent way to introduce yourself to other attendees and start conversations. This can lead to valuable business opportunities for both you and your attendees. Group chat is also a common feature of public discussions, podcasts, and open communities. Group chat on Rumble Talk is a customizable and flexible way to connect your attendees.

Moderated Q&A

Moderated Q&A in virtual event chat is a powerful tool to enhance engagement with your audience. By including polls and question-and-answer sessions, you can encourage the participation of your audience and provide valuable information. This type of chat can be used for virtual business conferences, workshops, trade shows, classes, and many other types of events.

Question-And-Answer Boxes and Click Save

To enable polls, you must first create an account with Rumble Talk. Once you’ve completed the admin panel, click on Polls. Then, fill in your question-and-answer boxes and click Save. You can also view the results by selecting the “View Answers” button. The polling options will be displayed in the list of available options.

Poll Feature Of Rumble Talk

The poll feature of Rumble Talk virtual event chat allows you to record the opinions and votes of your online audience. You can enable polls from the group chat admin panel. The Polls tab can be found under the Polls heading. Once enabled, it will include a poll question and answer boxes. The results of the poll can be viewed by clicking the View Answers button. In order to enable polls, you will need to log in to the group chat admin panel. Once there, click the Polls tab and fill out the question and answer boxes.

After creating your poll, you can choose to save or cancel it. You can also edit the question or answer text. Once you are satisfied with the result of the poll, you can send it to your audience.

Customizable Themes

Rumble Talk is a virtual event chat solution that enables you to create and manage multiple chat rooms with thousands of users. It also offers customized themes and can record all chats. These conversations can be stored in an organized database for future reference. This way, you can provide proof that all participants participated.

Inclusive Environment for Participants

Rumble Talk was designed to increase the interaction between speakers and attendees. It enables participants to ask questions and participate in poll discussions. Moderators can also moderate Q&A sessions and create an inclusive environment for participants. Organizers can customize the chat room by using pre-made themes or custom CSS. In addition, users can easily export chat histories in HTML format for archiving.

Extensive Library of Pre-Made Themes

Rumble Talk has an extensive library of pre-made themes to choose from. Advanced users can also create their own themes using full CSS and custom notification sounds. Rumble Talk can also installed on many different websites, allowing participants to keep their conversations in sync. In addition to group chat, Rumble Talk allows participants to chat privately. These conversations can text, audio, or video.

Spam Prevention

One of the biggest challenges in adding chat to a website is spam. This type of spam can have a negative effect on the host website, so it’s crucial that you do everything possible to prevent it. Rumble Talk has a system that works to eliminate this type of spam.

Create Blacklists of Words

Rumble Talk allows users to create blacklists of words that have often used in spam. This will prevent users from posting advertising messages, or using profanity in their chat. It also allows them to set custom notifications for their chat rooms. Another great feature of this tool is the ability to create private chat rooms. Private conversations can text or audio or video calls.

Prevent Non-Sensical Messages

Moderators can also moderate chat so that they can prevent non-sensical messages from being sent. This mode can also used to host Q&A sessions, where participants send in questions for speakers and the speakers choose those questions they wish to answer.

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