GHD Hair Curler is a Revolutionary Hair Tool

The Ghd hair curler is a revolutionary hair tool that lets you create endless curls and waves in just a single stroke. It eliminates the need for rolling and wrapping your hair. Instead, the tool’s Curl-zone features 4 ceramic plates that heat up to form curls.

Ghd Curve(R) Tongs

The ghd curve(r) toning tool is designed to give your hair the perfect curls. Its features a large 32mm barrel and a spring-activated ergonomic lever to create consistent curls. Also has a built-in safety stand and a professional-length cord. It also comes with a limited-edition rose gold heat mat and roll bag.

Tri-Zone Technology

The ghd Curve tongs are equipped with advanced tri-zone technology that ensures the right curling temperature (185 degC). These tongs also feature ceramic technology for healthier-looking curls that stay all day. Unlike conventional tongs, these tongs use minimal heat, which is good for your hair’s health.

Create Beautiful Curls

The tri-zone technology of the ghd curve tongs allows you to create your curls in less than 15 seconds. This feature makes the tong ideal for medium-length and long-haired women. Whether you want to create beautiful curls for a special occasion, the ghd curve tongs are a great choice.

Very Comfortable to Use

Ghd curve(r) tonnings are also very comfortable to use. Rod is a unique shape that makes it easy to grip. The tong has a weight that is easy to hold, and a spring-activated lever ensures that you can heat it up quickly. The wand also features a safety stand built-in for extra protection.

Ghd Curve(R) Classic Curl Tong

The ghd curve(r) curl tong is the latest addition to ghd’s extensive range of tongs and wands. It features the same advanced tri-zone technology that helped the ghd Eclipse curling wand achieve perfect curling temperatures, ensuring healthy and long-lasting curls. The ghd curve tong also features ceramic technology to help deliver curls that stay locked and look great all day long.

Integrated Safety Support

This tong is easy to use with an ergonomic lever and a 26mm diameter. Its cord is extra-long and has an embout insolent and integrated safety support. It also has a 30-minute sleep mode and is powered by universal voltage. It can conveniently used in a variety of settings.

Anti-Slip Stand

The ghd curve classic curl tong is a great choice for anyone who wants to add curls to their short or medium hair. Its spring-activated ergonomic lever and medium barrel help to create consistent curls. It also features an anti-slip stand and a professional-length swivel cord.

Works Well with The Ghd Curly

The ghd curve curl tong works well with the ghd curly ever after spray to create salon-worthy curls in no time. It can also used for creating volume in hair. For best results, start with a small section of hair at eye level. Roll the barrel upwards toward the root. Then, use a detangling comb to soften the curls.

Cool Tip to Prevent Damage

The ghd curve classic curl tong has a one-inch medium barrel and ergonomic clamp for comfort and control. It also features a cool tip to prevent damage to hair. It also features a built-in safety stand and an automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes.

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