Benefits of Owning a Black Supreme Hoodie

There are some benefits to owning a Black Supreme Hoodie. The brand is known for its limited edition and high resale value. Its iconic box logo has become a fashion icon. As such, you’ll able to get a lot of use out of your purchase.

Box Logo Hoodie

The Box Logo Hoodie is a classic hoodie with a modern twist. Created in collaboration with Junya Watanabe, this hoodie is a new take on the classic Supreme hoodie. Known for his pastiche clothing, Watanabe’s latest creation is a varsity jacket with cuffed leather sleeves.

Most Iconic Items

The box logo hoodie is one of the most iconic items of streetwear. It embodies exclusive culture, inspiring overnight queues, and wild resale prices. As a result, it’s difficult to find a good-condition Box logo hoodie, and once you do, they can extremely expensive.

Many Unique Colorways

The box logo hoodie has many unique colorways. The teal version, introduced about a decade ago, instantly became a classic. The teal version also features the traditional red Supreme logo. Teal version has a rare find and is a highly sought-after item. Tyler, the Creator is an ardent fan of the teal hoodie, and he famously wore it in a music video.

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

If you’re looking to buy a Supreme Box Logo hoodie, you need to take note of its neck tag. The neck tag has a sign of authenticity. The neck tag has sewn on the hoodie, and authentic Supreme Box Logo hoodie neck tags have cleaner than fake ones.


The Cotton Supreme Hoodie from Supreme is a cool sweatshirt with a graphic print and a logo splattered all over. The hood features an interior drawcord and elastic cuffs. Hood is finished with a woven logo label at the back neck tab.

Supreme Initially

Although Supreme initially only made a few t-shirts, their collaboration with Comme des Garcons opened new doors for the brand. The two companies created a capsule collection in which they reinterpreted the classic Supreme hoodie. Artist Rei Kawakubo injected avant-garde motifs and unexpected fabric combinations to the original logo, and the result has a reinterpreted classic. Supreme expanded its market by collaborating with other brands, including Timberland and Lacoste. In fact, they sold 10 times more products than they cost at retail.


The Colorway of Black Supreme Hoodie features the signature Supreme branding. The logo has red on a white background and features a stitched label on the inside of the hoodie’s back. A hoodie featuring this design is a comfortable and stylish addition to any wardrobe.

Available in Over 500 Retail Locations

The brand’s hoodies have available in over 500 retail locations worldwide. Founded in 1994 by James Jebbia, Supreme has expanded into a thriving business. Its first store has located on Lafayette Street in Manhattan, and today, it has nine retail locations across the United States and abroad.

Most Iconic Styles

The Black Supreme Hoodie is one of the most iconic styles available from the brand. The original hoodie has released in 1994 and has re-released several times. It features a black box logo with white text and a classic design. This colorway has a limited supply, so sure to purchase one while it’s on sale.

Resale Value

The Supreme brand is famous for its limited-edition streetwear and their hoodies have a great investment. With high demand and limited quantities, the Supreme line has a high resale value. The box logo has become a famous fashion icon. One of the best ways to make money with Supreme hoodies is by buying them at an affordable price.

True Streetwear Classic

The supreme box logo hoodie is a true streetwear classic. Released in 1994, the hoodie is one of the first items to released by the Supreme brand. It is widely recognized and collectible and has gone through countless re-releases. The hoodie is still highly sought-after and can fetch a high price, even if it is worn only a couple of times.

A black Supreme hoodie can fetch more than $100 if the hoodie has a resale value. The hoodie features the Supreme logo on the front left side and the inside hood. Its resale value is around $200 per hoodie.

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