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The story of amren when she has a young girl with fragile wings. She had a sweet laugh and gentle hands. Then she had her body and wings stolen. amren has forced to join a cruel world, a world where she lost her sanity and identity. As a result, she has lost her wings, her sanity, and her pride.

Amren Powerful Being from Another Realm

Amren is an ancient, powerful being from another world who inhabited Prythian millennia ago. She came to Prythian through a portal but has trapped there when the portal closed. A powerful who has trapped in a mortal body. amren, the powerful  from another realm, has a powerful warrior. She has the ability to walk between worlds. Also an extremely powerful, hoarding an immense amount of knowledge.

Most Powerful Highlord

Amren kills an army of Hybern with ease. He is the most powerful Highlord to ever walk the earth, and has the ability to destroy spells and wards in a single moment. He is so powerful that he even took away Tamlin’s ability to speak, and he can defeat the entire army of the Hyberns in a single strike. However, he does not have the same level of power as Nesta in A court of Silver Flames.

A Hoarder of Precious Jewels

Amren is a powerful being from another realm, who has trapped in the fleshly body of a High Fae. After the portal to her world closed, She became stranded in Prythian and has captured by a mighty Fae warrior. She is a hoarder of gems and other precious objects. Also enjoys trading banter with Cassian.

Complicated Relationship

Amren has a complicated relationship with Varian, who has mixed feelings for her. However, Amren is tempted by the thought of a relationship with Varian. During the events of A Court of Mist and Fury, Varian sends her a ruby necklace, which she wears to calm her anger and suppress her desire to kill Adriata. In the end, She sleeps with the necklace, which calms down her emotions.

Manipulate People’s Minds

Amren is a powerful being who can manipulate people’s minds. He can also cause them to die through illusion. In A Court of Mist and Fury, he heals Cassian’s wings, and he has the ability to destroy protective wards. However, in the end, he is defeated by the dragon Rhysand.

Planned a Distraction for The Hybern King

Nesta has planned a distraction for the Hybern King. The Queen has sent Elain to the hidden Cauldron in the hopes that the King will distracted. But when the King finds out that the Cauldron is empty, Feyre is caught by visions of the King. The King uses the King’s father as a human shield and breaks his neck.


Deep Relationship

Rhysand and amren have a deep relationship. Rhysand frequently buys amren jewelry from the Velaris Palaces. Rhysand has also invited her to his bed. She has enjoyed his relationships with both of them, so much so that he has accepted the offer to his Second.

Second-In-Command To the High Lord of Night Court

Amren is a High Fae from the world of Velaris, Second-in-Command to the High Lord of Night Court and a member of the Inner Circle. She is an ancient and powerful being, though her true origins are not fully known. After millennia of imprisonment, She gained her powers and abandoned her grace. She now lives off of the blood of faeries and hoards their possessions. Those who steal from her will subject to her deadly punishment.

Depths of her Own Anguish

Her father’s command to lower her head was a distraction. Catrin, who had a deep desire to disappear into the depths of her own anguish, was stunned. She could see the king in pain from the deep crease in his forehead, but she couldn’t sure if the pain was caused by the wound. Catrin bowed down to Amren, who extended his dagger to her. Amren’s expression was expressionless, and the blade felt hard on Catrin’s lips.

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